My First Echo (by S)

Hi, I am S. the smallest but probably, the most competitive of the three of us. Computer Scientist by profession I love teaching math, sports, and arguing with my friends. I live convinced that those who say they hate math have never experienced the joy of a good math class… luckily, I have been blessed to encounter such a joyful experience. I’m a Giants fan when it comes to football. I will wear an Industriales (team from Cuba) baseball t-shirt in any stadium. I strongly believe that Mike Trout is the only player in the world who deserves 300 million dollars. Most of all, I love to hang out with my friends. Sadly, they are “far far away” and the last time we saw each other was a long long time ago. I hope this blog brings us closer. I am thrilled to begin this journey with you guys and enjoy more of our friendship. Love you all.

If you are visiting us, don’t be shy- stay and share with us! We love to meet new people. There is nothing we would like more than to add a new buddy to our triad. Don’t forget to share some pics of our neighborhood if you come from a galaxy far far away :).

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