Milky Way

Milky Way

Directions: If coming from our local cluster, head towards the edge, and in between a group of small galaxies, ask for the Milky Way. Once there, you should get into the spiral and rotate until you reach the Orion Arm exit. You should notice right away the so-called “Solar System”, with around eight or more planets, depending on where/when you are coming from. There, point your heat shield towards the central star called Sun. Watch out for an asteroid belt right before arriving. Excuse us for the “debris” in the surroundings, we haven’t been able to clean it yet.

Note: if at the time you get here and you don’t find us, check in the planet from before the belt, called Mars.
A Favor: if you are coming from out of this galaxy, could you take a picture of it? so we could update this one, which is just an assumption.

Thank you, and have a wonderful journey.

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